Fees and Bookings

Fees are invoiced weekly on a Monday. We accept cash, cheque or direct debt. All fees are due two weeks after the invoice comes out. Lincoln Hospitality charges for public holidays to reflect the cost incurred in maintaining the centre and staffing during these breaks. We do not charge fees over the Christmas/New Year holiday period.

The morning session runs from 8.00am-12.30pm and the afternoon session runs from 12.30-5.00pm. The centre closes at 5.30pm and if you choose to finish at this time, an extra $3.00 charge will occur. This is because the morning and afternoon sessions are 4.5 hours each and to keep it fair, we do charge this extra fee. Bookings may be made on a daily, sessional or weekly basis.

If you do not return to preschool on the date you identified on the Booking Requirements Form (or have not put any date), then you will be charged full fees until you return to the centre.

There is a discount for a second child ($1.50 per session that they both attend). We also offer 20 hours ECE for children who are three and four years old.

Late fee
If you are late picking up your child, you will be charged a late fee of $50.00 per half hour up to 6:10pm. For the 12.30pm session, the fee is to stop ratio going over the Ministry requirements.

Fees when children are absent
Fees are still charged when children are absent because the centre still needs to pay wages and meet running costs. There are two instances when reduced fees may be charged:
– When a child is sick, full fees are charged on the first day of absence. Half fees are charged for any subsequent absences.
– When the centre receives two weeks’ written notice of children being absent, half fees are charged.
Please fill in absence forms for every day that your child is absent.

Even though you are entitled to a maximum of four weeks’ holiday, please note that if you take more than three weeks consecutively, you will be charged extra based on the three week absence rule, which is a Ministry of Education funding requirement:

Funding can be claimed for all sessions the child was absent from within a three week period. The three week period begins on the first day of absence (ECE Funding Handbook)

We offer both full-time and part-time sessions. We also require a minimum booking of either two sessions or one full day.

W.I.N.Z. Subsidies
Subsidies for childcare are available from W.I.N.Z. You may be entitled to them, depending on your income. They can cover up to 45 hours of childcare. See the administrator for more information.

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