Nursery (under two)

The centre has a separate under two area that allows the children to play and learn in a safe and developmentally appropriate environment.

We take up to twelve children on the under two side because we believe in providing care and education of the highest quality. The teachers all have extensive training and experience in working with children of this age group.

All children have a primary caregiver who is responsible for ensuring that children’s individual needs are being met e.g. feeding, settling in and feeling secure in the centre. Having a primary caregiver enables infants and toddlers to build a sense of trust with the people who care for them.

Each child’s progress is recorded in their profile books and their individual learning programmes are recorded here too. Parents are invited to contribute their knowledge and ideas for the development of their children’s learning opportunities.

Parents are welcome to spend time with their children and feed them if required. We welcome any suggestions and we look forward to providing parents with a great service.

Daily routine:
8.00am Activities based on both group and individual programme, breakfast for tamariki who need it
9.15am Our welcome time – songs/waiata session
9.30am Morning tea
10.15am Toileting and programme planned activities; sleep for the infants based on their needs
11.30-12.00pm Lunches
12.00-12.30pm Toileting/Nappy changing, tamariki getting ready for home time or bed time
12.30-2.30pm Afternoon session based on planned activities and individual routines of the tamariki
2.30pm Afternoon tea
3.00pm Nappy changing
3.00-4.30pm Activities based on group and individual programmes, late snack and drink if needed
4.30-5.30pm Preparing for going home

Transition to over twos:
The transitioning of children from the under two side to the over two side begins about six weeks before children turn two. During this time, children are gradually introduced to the environment, other children, teachers and routines on the over two side. Once children turn two, they are welcome to return to the under two side whenever they need to. It is a big change for children and we work hard to support them through this time.

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lucom • December 6, 2015

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