Preschool (over two)

On the over two side, the centre takes up to 27 children. Each child has their primary caregiver who informs parents about their child’s day. We like to know important information about children – e.g. allergies, health information, previous early childhood experiences, special needs, cultural backgrounds of children and children’s strengths, abilities and areas for development.

Our programme is based on empowering children to take responsibility for their learning. Children are encouraged to make their own choices and decisions. Teachers work alongside the children, supporting them so that they are empowered to make the most of their learning opportunities.

All children have their individual profile books that contain photos, art work and other assessment data. These books are a great record of children’s learning in the centre and help them to develop a sense of pride in their achievements.

Children eat out of their lunch boxes for lunch and afternoon tea. For younger children, parents are asked to supply nappies, which are kept in the bathroom. Children can have a sleep (usually in the afternoon) and their sleep times are recorded on the sleep chart in the sleep room.

Daily routine
7.45am Staff prepare centre
8.00-9.25am Tamariki arrive and are settled for the day; self-choice; programme of inside activities
8.30-9.15am Outside and verandah are set up
9.30-10.15am Rolling morning tea – Karakia; group morning tea some days, for birthdays or special events
8.30 -11.15am Morning programme which includes activities indoors and outdoors; toileting routines to be carried out
11.15-11.30am Tidy-up time; tables ready for lunch
11.30-11.45am Discovery time for 4-5 year olds
11.45-12.15pm Lunch time – Karakia
12.05-12.30pm Set up programme for the afternoon; quiet time for Tamariki; toileting and sleep routines
12.30-2.30pm Afternoon programme
2.30-3.00pm Rolling Afternoon tea – Karakia; toileting routines
12.30-3.45pm Inside and outside programme
3.45-4.00pm Packing up outdoor equipment and gathering up belongings
4.00pm Late programme, i.e. music, board stories, big books, indoor and/or outdoor play
5.30pm Centre closes

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lucom • December 5, 2015

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