Settling in

Before your child starts coming to the centre, you will need to spend some time settling them in. Parents are expected to stay with their children at least twice before they are left at the centre. The purpose of doing this is for children to become familiar with the centre environment and teachers and to help prepare children for when their parents leave. It is also a chance for parents and teachers to share information with each other. There is no charge for these visits.

When parents leave, we expect them to say goodbye to their children and let them know that they are coming back. Please don’t disappear when your child is not looking. This can be very upsetting for children. Let one of the teachers know when you are leaving and they will care for your child as you leave.

We like to know how best to comfort your child. If they have a special toy, then it is fine for them to bring it to the centre. This is a positive connection with home and helps some children to feel more secure at the centre.

The first few weeks can be tense, with both parents and children settling into a new routine. There can be ups and downs for children as they cope with this initial settling-in period. Sometimes children who have been attending the centre for some time can become unsettled for any number of reasons, e.g. a parent being absent, a new addition to the family or returning after a break from the centre. If this happens, you are encouraged to discuss this with one of the teachers.

When your child is settling in to the centre, you are welcome to visit or phone the centre as often as you feel is necessary.

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lucom • December 4, 2015

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